Any Way You Slice It


Cutting boards and I don’t get along very well. They’re holding tanks of bacteria, soaking up all sorts of unsightly and unspeakable critters, and they’re frequently made of environmentally-unsound plastics. I will risk nicking a finger or scratching the ’50s vintage yellow ceramic tiles I adore rather than use a cutting board.

That is, until I stumbled upon these – and I think I’m feeling more agreeable! These EcoCulinary cutting boards by Greenfeet are made in the US of A from recycled paper (how smart!), they’re reversible (for the man in your vegetarian life who still eats meat), non-porous (bacteria, goodbye), and odor and stain resistant. If I ask nicely, do you think it would slice and dice my farmer’s market assortment, as well? No? Fine, I can do that part myself.

Update: these boards are currently out of stock. Here is a bamboo cutting board by Shun that does the trick (shown above).


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