The Three R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Rebag


One of my favorite Christmas memories is of unwrapping gifts and watching my Grandpa stick the used bows all over his balding head. And when he ran out of territory uptown, he’d start sticking the bows to his limbs, all the way down to his feet. We grandkids adored him for this – we’d laugh and laugh until our bellies hurt.

Of course, every last one of those bows, along with all the wrapping paper, was tossed into a large Hefty bag and put out for the garbage collector. Not so funny in today’s world, right? Not to worry – there are plenty of sweet, reusable gift bag options nowadays.

I love this adorable hand-made gift bag – made from recycled foil juice packs which helps free our landfills of these non-biodegradable containers. They’re one of a kind, colorful and can be used again and again. I’m buying one to use as a lunch bag for work!

Another favorite gift-bag option (shown above) comes from Lucky Crow. They offer three stylish organic & washable fabric options in four sizes. If you can’t decide, get one of each! Isn’t it better to give than to receive?

Image: Lucky Crow


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