Walk Out of Winter in Organic Tights


Depending on where you live, there’s at least a month of winter remaining, which translates to 30-plus tights-wearing days to go before it’s time to bring out the organic self-tanner and bare your pretty legs.

Until then, keep them warm with a pair of these organic bamboo tights by Sternlein. My classic Wolfords are finally wearing thin, so I’m happy to have found replacements that are both luxurious and eco-friendly (pay no heed to the slightly low-budget website). The tights are soft, silky and available in five colors: olive, grey, black, sand and cranberry. At $35 a pair, you can buy more than one pair (I went for cranberry and grey).

For a richer hand and more textured look try the ribbed organic cotton, also made by Sternlein and offered in black, grey, brown, purple and ivory at just $30 a pair.

Image: chocolategirl64

(Friendly Note: the selected image promotes the bright idea of “green” tights; Sternlein’s actual green tights are a bit more olive in hue.)


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