Modern Balance


I am a defiant modernist. Le Corbusier, Mies, Schindler, Neutra – I gave them my heart years ago (and my last boyfriend accused me of having a fear of commitment!).

As my life and my choices have turned a lovely shade of green, these two sensibilities have naturally melded into one. It’s fairly easy to find a modern, eco-friendly this or that for the house. But a this or that is not what I want or need.

So it’s a great day when I come across something stunning and green like this plywood Nautilus hanging lamp designed by Rebecca Asquith. She’s one of the directors of Unless, an eco design company in New Zealand. Her creation instantly captivated my inner modernist.

Made of sustainably grown hoop pine plywood (native to Australia), steel, wire and an energy saving bulb, the Nautilus is even collapsible, therefore requiring less packaging for shipping. The nautilus shell symbolizes the proportional perfection of nature, internal harmony, and balance. Is there any better way to communicate modernist and green than that?

Asquith and her partner (Tim Wigmore) formed Unless as a one-stop-shop for New Zealand designers with a passion for useful, quality objects and a serious concern for the planet. Sustainability is a top priority at Unless – obvious by the products they promote as well as their green-focused business practices and office environment. ($450 USD).

Image: Unless


2 thoughts on “Modern Balance

  1. That looks fabulous. I wonder how much light it gives out into a room?

    Thanks for this one, Kim!

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