Raindrops Keep Falling, So Why Not Catch Them?


Last weekend my niece and I took a walk in the rain. At one point she looked up at the sky, opened her mouth and giggled as the raindrops fell lightly onto her tongue. I remember trying the same thing as a kid – hoping to quench my thirst rather than head indoors for a glass of water.

A few drops on our tongue for fun won’t hurt us, but I don’t recommend harvesting rainwater for drinking. On the other hand, using it for watering a garden or washing a car is an economical and eco-friendly way to go green.

And now there’s an easy way to collect it. The Rainwater Hog, invented in 2006 by Australian architect Sally Dominguez, is a small-scale modular storage tank for harvesting rainwater. The catalyst for Dominguez’s design was her inability to find a tank small enough to fit under her patio in Australia, where water use restrictions are the law.

The Rainwater Hog is easy to install – vertically against a wall (you’ll need to purchase the Wall Kit at $90) or horizontally. One tank holds 47 gallons and is the perfect size for the urban dweller short on space (H 71″ W 20″ D 9″). Homeowners or businesses can attach two or more tanks together.

Dominguez introduced her product in the United States this year. It’s available at Design Within Reach for $650, a percentage of which will go to Water Aid, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing water, sanitation and hygiene education to the world’s poorest people.

Also, it arrives at your door sans packaging – unwrapped, unboxed with only a small box taped to the unit (which holds an elbow vent and connector). Before the Rainwater Hog will work, you’ll need a Leaf Catcher/Outlet Kit, sold separately for $50.

Rain Dance anyone?

Image: Waterhog


2 thoughts on “Raindrops Keep Falling, So Why Not Catch Them?

  1. Hilary Sunderland October 15, 2009 — 7:21 am

    The Rainwater Hog is not available at the Design Within Reach site. Any other ideas?



  2. Hi Hilary: You’re right – this post was written in April 08, but here’s a link to the Rainwater HOG site – http://rainwaterhog.com/suppliers/ – that tells you where you can find one today. Thanks for asking!

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