Lamp Alternative: Illuminated Wallpaper by Jonas Samson


There’s no other way to say it – this is the coolest, most forward-thinking product I’ve seen in quite some time. Sounds dramatic, yes, but it’s true.

Try and wrap your head around this – illuminated wallpaper. Not glow in the dark or back-lit, but wall covering that emits light – it’s a part of the wallpaper.

Instead of light bulbs and lamps, just hang this high-tech wallpaper designed by Dutch designer, Jonas Samson, and you’ve got light. When the wallpaper is turned “off”, no one will know the difference between it and the conventional coverings.

The technology is a bit under wraps – something to do with e-link and OLEDs that allow the electronics to be printed onto flat surfaces. Highly innovative. We’ll know more when it’s introduced at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan later this week.

via Engadget
via via Inhabitat

Image: Jonas Samson


4 thoughts on “Lamp Alternative: Illuminated Wallpaper by Jonas Samson

  1. I’m totally boggled. That is SO cool. 🙂

  2. Wow! There’s no end! This is beautiful.

  3. Isn’t it fantastic?

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