For Eye Candy and Finger Food, Call KYYOTE


What’s a girl to put on her fingers if diamonds or their counterparts are off-limits or out of her budget? All kinds of green options exist to glam our hands without gouging the environment or supporting civil warfare – from vintage to recycled to reused to repurposed.

The jewels created by Los Angeles designer Amanda Loos are all that and more. Her company is called KYYOTE (pronounced Kai-oat) and her pieces are unique, dramatic and architectural with a twist of the natural, but you won’t find a stitch of granola here.

Loos uses found objects, recycled and rescued woods, vintage fabrics and plastics, humanely harvested and organic feathers, as well as all natural and non-toxic sealing oils and dyes. Each KYYOTE piece is hand-crafted, simple and divinely inspired by Loss’ commitment to caring for the planet. And for each piece she sells, she plants two trees via Trees for the Future.

I’m a fan of simple and sophisticated so the Admiral ring ($218) is currently on my most wanted radar. Made from rescued purpleheart and rosewood with vintage bakelite plastic, it’s smooth surface and graphic components remind me of a Mondrian. Contact KYYOTE for more information and to purchase.

Her designs also include jewels for the ear, neck and soon, the wrist – which means more eco-eye candy for more parts of the body.


1 thought on “For Eye Candy and Finger Food, Call KYYOTE

  1. Thanks for sharing this designer with us! Each piece seems like a conversation waiting to happen. Love the Nova Necklace. Hmmmm, maybe a good idea for my husband for Valentine’s Day, he who struggles with what to buy.

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