Handbags Born of Old Leather Jackets

Potrero bag

A company born of passion, based on the concept of upcycle rather than brand new, reMade USA makes handbags that hit the eco target.

The San Francisco-based company creates one-of-a-kind stylish, sophisticated bags out of recycled leather jackets and scrap materials sourced from thrift stores and car and furniture upholstery companies. They also accept donations from anyone with unwanted leather lying around the house.

Their current designs are roomy, with plenty of pockets, and are lined with lovely, colorful vintage scarves. Soft and super stylish, these bags cost hundreds less than your logo-labeled luxury bags. And they’re oh-so-eco.

interior Mission bag

Check out the Mission with its Chanel-like lining (image above) for $325, or the brick red Potrero (top image), available for $295.

See a style you like that’s sold out? Just send reMade your own much-loved and often-worn but outdated leather jacket and they’ll turn it into the design of your choice.

Watch a slide show of the reMade process that starts with a leather jacket. I’m not a seamstress, but for those of you with a knack for it, I bet you could even DIY.

reMade isn’t just another purveyor of eco purses. They live and breathe what they practice and preach. reMade is also a member of The Designers Accord.


4 thoughts on “Handbags Born of Old Leather Jackets

  1. Luanne Bradley July 10, 2009 — 1:13 pm

    Good job getting on Huffington with this great post!

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