2010 Gift Guide: For Kids


These gifts are for the little ones (kids) in your life – maybe even your own inner child. From building blocks to woolly seals, we have gathered some of the best eco-friendly holiday gifts for your gifting pleasure.

Outfit the little guy or gal with a map of your hometown hood, offer them a cute and cuddly friend to snuggle up with, encourage their aspiring Picasso, and prep them for preschool with A-B-Cs and 1-2-3s.

Clockwise from top left:

1. Brooklyn Onesie – Maptote, $25
2. Mavis the Monkey – Branch Home, $75
3. Natural Modeling Dough – Clementine Art, $9.99
4. Uncle Goose A B C Blocks – ChildTrek, $39.95

Or give the kids hours of epic and educational T.V. time, wrap them in something fuzzy and fun, warm their footsies with friendly faces, and offer them a perfect place to store their books and stuff.


Clockwise from top left:

5. Planet Earth DVD Set – Discovery Store, $39.99
6. Babyseal – Birkiland, $111.74
7. Toddler Sock Monkey Slippers – Uncommon Goods, $18
8. Ecotots Bonsai Book Caddy – Organic Bug, $100


It’s never too early to teach them manners at High Tea time, or how to safely venture into the wild (backyard) on an African Safari.

9. Toy Tea Set – re:modern, $27
10. Plywood Animal Menagerie – Branch Home, $62


And finally, make sure they always have a place to play or put their tushies (and you’re party-prepared with extra seating), and let their imaginations run wild with a home of their own design.

11. Three Blocks by Kalon Studios – Greener Grass Design, $750
12. Large Kid Playhouse by Tooko – Greener Grass Design, $55

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