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2010 Gift Guide: For Kids

These gifts are for the little ones (kids) in your life – maybe even your own inner child. From building blocks to woolly seals, we have gathered some of the best eco-friendly holiday gifts for your gifting pleasure. Outfit the little guy or gal with a map of your hometown hood, offer them a cute […]

Smart Shopping Is Always Green

There are some of us who have cut waaaaay back, but just can’t quit cold turkey. And I don’t mean smoking, although I did quit recently. (Yay for me!) The can’t quit I’m referring to here is shopping. I can admit my faults and this is certainly one of them. I love to shop for […]

DIY and Wear a Recycled Tee on Your Wrist

When I was young, still living at home, I’d leave the house for a run and hide my key under the potted plant near the front door. I’d never try this trick today. Instead, I might use one of these simple Wrist Cuff Wallets I found on Etsy. They couldn’t be cuter or cheaper ($5) […]

The Hip Bag May Be Helpful But Is It Hot?

Can a hip bag ever be a hip bag? I can’t help but raise the question since they keep showing up. Years peacefully pass and then, oh! There’s another fanny pack, I mean hip bag. My first hip bag was a navy nylon number I wore while trudging through Europe with a backpack and Eurail […]

Handbags Born of Old Leather Jackets

A company born of passion, based on the concept of upcycle rather than brand new, reMade USA makes handbags that hit the eco target. The San Francisco-based company creates one-of-a-kind stylish, sophisticated bags out of recycled leather jackets and scrap materials sourced from thrift stores and car and furniture upholstery companies. They also accept donations […]

Prairie Underground Flutter Skirt

If you’ve spent even a minute clicking through EcoSalon’s plethora of fashion posts, you’re sure to have laid your eyes on plenty of Prairie Underground. So I’ll get to the point. This Flutter Skirt feels like your favorite old tee or worn-in pair of sweats, but it looks more like a million bucks. Made of […]

A Good Reason to Buy Something Useless

Of course, I never wasted my hard-earned cash on something I didn’t need*. But in case you ever have, now there’s a good reason…to go useless. Useless, in this situation, is guilt-free: sustainable, charitable and fashionable. It’s got good written all over it. The eco-friendly brand Useless sells stuff people need and use and gives […]

Judge This Buckle by Its Book Cover

Judge these belt buckles by their covers and all you’ll come up with is a serious case of eco, clever and fun. And maybe an urge to go to the library. I’m a serious book lover, and these one-of-a-kind Literary Belt Buckles are too cute for words. I call them the bookworm’s belt buckle because […]

In the Mood for Sexy Summer Dresses

How do I know it’s summer? I hear bees and see flowers blooming; I’m working out because that beach vacation is looming. I watch baby birds as they learn to fly; I welcome new beginnings into my life. And yes, I write terrible jingles that barely rhyme. Actually, I know summer is upon us because […]

Outsapop’s Trashion Is Cool DIY Fashion

I was an artistic kid, but I had not an ounce of interest in learning how to sew, much to my mother’s chagrin. She was quite the seamstress. Her Singer sat prominently in our playroom where she’d stitch and sew me new dresses, always searching for the coolest Vogue patterns”¦but nothing could change my mind. […]

GUCCI Goes for the Green

Yes, you read that correctly. Following suit with other fashion icons, the luxury brand Gucci has made a first step forward on the eco catwalk. And the sexy creative director behind the luxury brand known for its double “GG” symbol stands at the forefront. Frida Giannini is her name and she designed (and models in […]

The Tote That Takes Your Laptop Traveling

With all things digital nowadays, it’s not surprising that my friend’s 12-year-old didn’t know you could still shoot 35 mm slides. Some of us remember when you couldn’t shoot anything but… …but let’s move on. I have fond family memories of my dad’s slide shows. He’s a photo fanatic who never went anywhere without a […]

One Leaf, One Tree, One Mission

There’s more to this arm candy than meets the”¦arm. It’s shiny and pretty and even glamorous, but what the naked eye might miss if it isn’t paying close attention is that this leaf is real. The Real Leaf Cuff Bracelet from Nugaard Designs is made with a leaf from Brazil that’s hand-dipped in 18K gold […]

Win One Give One – the TOMS Vegan Shoe Giveaway

Listen closely, because this might get confusing. When you buy a pair, you give a pair, and today at EcoSalon you just might win a pair. Got that? I’ll start again. We’re giving away a TOMS gift card worth $50 toward the purchase of a pair of TOMS shoes.* Leave a comment to be entered. […]

How to: 10 Tips for a Successful Clothing Swap

It’s the perfect summer gathering for the stylish greenie in all of us – the clothing swap. Most of us have more stuff in our closets than we need (or want). A successful swap keeps our wardrobes simple, timely and up-to-date. It’s a chance to gather with friends, put those great pieces you’ll never wear […]

Happy Travels with the Feed Bag Cosmetic Kit

We’ve all been there at one point or another, whether our travels have taken us far away for weeks or across town for a night. I’m referring to the moment when we open our luggage to find something gooey has spilled out from the contents of our toiletry or cosmetics bag. It doesn’t matter how […]

Mollie Dash: the Name, the Jewels, the Green!

Before I proceed to all the drool-worthy jewels by Mollie Dash, can I just say, how great is her name? Mollie Dash. It’s a little like “Nancy Drew” – maybe that’s why I think it’s so cool. Now that you’ve got way too much information on how I spent the majority of my youth, let’s […]

The 9 Sexiest Bikinis of 2009

Spring is here – the days are longer, warmer and suddenly there’s sexy in the air. And slight panic, as women everywhere realize that in just three short months their derrieres will be bare by the pool and on the beach. Yes, it’s bikini season, ladies, and while tightening and tanning is totally your business, […]

Grateful for a Little…Is a Lot

During a particularly frustrating period of my life years ago, I was told by a mentor, “It is virtually impossible to be grateful for a lot until you can be grateful for a little.” She went on to suggest I begin searching for the willingness to want what I have. At first I didn’t get […]

The Battalion’s Eco-Conscious Bohemian Couture

Eco-fashion has come a long way. There are more styles and fabrics to choose from than even this fashionista has time to covet. But The Battalion‘s ultra cool and super sexy eco-conscious couture caught me by the bootstraps and hasn’t let go. Maybe it’s their sophisticated and stylish silhouettes or their use of sustainable and […]

Mark Edge – Versatile Vintage Jewelry

He’s not new to the jewelry scene but there’s something about Mark Edge‘s eco-vintage wares that’s got everyone going gaga. Let’s have a look and find out why. It isn’t just the word vintage or his Southern sensibilities that drive women wild. It might be the multidimensional yet simple sophistication of his designs, and the […]

The Sheath Dress: A Simple Solution

Forgive me if it seems superficial, but in my humble, fashion-forward opinion, the simple, silk sheath has much to offer today’s eco-focused woman. The sheath dress has been around for decades – the first were worn as undergarments, followed by flappers flaunting them despite the skin-baring scandals. By the 50s, the sheath was an accepted […]

Vintage Academe: Fabulous Eco-Couture & More

There’s “penny pinching” and “getting your money’s worth”, but what happened to “more for your money”? Where went the possibility of making a true investment and feeling secure and confident that yes, you spent your money well? In these trying, financially frenzied times, the possibility of more of anything is very rare indeed. That’s why […]

It’s Not a Hand-Me-Down, It’s a Hoakon/Helga

You know the feel of your boyfriend’s really worn, totally weathered and super sexy leather jacket? Kinda like butter, right? That’s what I think of when I see the recycled leather handbags by Hoakon/Helga. I think of butter. Well, not exactly. But Hoakon/Helga bags are really soft and sumptuous to the touch, not to mention […]

Heart Day Every Day

It sounds so trite, but the more I’ve learned to love myself, the greater my capacity is to open my heart to others. One way I practice strengthening my self-love muscle is through self-care, which includes buying myself lingerie rather than waiting for someone to buy it for me. There’s something special about treating myself […]

The Flower Power of Prismera Jewelry

When I think stainless steel, I think…cutlery. Sturdy, dishwasher-safe knives, forks and spoons. Stainless steel does not usually bring pictures of blooming flowers and jewelry into mind”¦until now. Meet designer Laura Su, who works with stainless steel (an eco-friendly, sustainable material) to create simple and modern earrings and necklaces inspired by nature. Her company is […]

‘Tis the Season to Wear Some Romance

Romance isn’t just a concept worn thin by fairy tales and Hollywood movies that leave women like me wondering “where’s my knight in shining armor?” It’s an attitude easily accessible from within each and every one of us. And it’s a good thing. Since summer 2008 we’ve seen ruffles and silky see-through pieces on the […]

Handmade By Heidi & Seek

My grandfather used to tell me, “Things aren’t made the way they used to be”. We were probably looking at some item made within the last 30 years, and he was referring to its lack of craftsmanship and attention to detail. I agreed, and not just because he’s my gramps. There’s something special about handmade […]

Go Eco and Off-the-Shoulder

We show off a lot of ecoSkin fashion around EcoSalon because well, we like their style. And now they’ve captured the latest fashion forward off-the-shoulder trend with the Mercury Top. Somehow ecoSkin has found a flattering way to recreate this look from the flamboyant days of Flashdance. Frankly, I’m shocked. But even I might consider […]

For Eye Candy and Finger Food, Call KYYOTE

What’s a girl to put on her fingers if diamonds or their counterparts are off-limits or out of her budget? All kinds of green options exist to glam our hands without gouging the environment or supporting civil warfare – from vintage to recycled to reused to repurposed. The jewels created by Los Angeles designer Amanda […]