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9 More Things You Don’t Need to Be Happy

After days spent racking my brain to choose nine things you don’t need to be happy, now I can’t keep more from surfacing. If this list keeps growing, it might mean that happiness is attainable without anything at all. What a concept! But just for fun, let’s continue counting. Here are 9 more things you […]

Women’s Roundup, Hear Us Roar

Rather than raise our voices, we girls at EcoSalon prefer to write about it, because if you need to scream, my guess is you aren’t so certain what you have to say is worth hearing. And really, who wants to hear a grown woman roar? In the past few months at EcoSalon, women have taken […]

9 Things You Don’t Need to be Happy

Being a woman in the 21st century is not a piece of cake. It wasn’t easy in 1950 or at any other time in history, either. But in 2011, in today’s universe that keeps getting bigger and faster and richer, it takes serious cojones to be a girl. Today more than ever, women are bombarded […]

The Recession-Friendly Guide to Going Out: Twenty-Three Fun and Free Date Ideas

The dating scene is not an easy one. There are the usual quandaries – dinner or just drinks; sleep over or the token kiss on the cheek? Add to those basic issues the meltdown of all things economy-related, and the idea of going on a date might send even the most romantic Romeo & Juliet […]

The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Simplifying, Saying No and Saving Money

Forget New Year’s Resolutions that make everything harder and more complex. Why is it always about doing more? Can we all do less for a change? It’s time for a serious paring down; a hard core detox. It’s time for simplifying. There’s nothing super about being a superwoman. So, with the beloved holidays behind us […]

Save a Tree. Keep a Journal

It happens to the best of us. Our mission is to clean out the storage unit in the garage. We plow through a few bags and boxes, tossing stuff in the large blue recycle bin or putting other stuff in a pile for goodwill. Then it happens – we stumble upon the box. The one […]

Make the Green Grade: Eco School Supplies Checklist

As a young girl my favorite time of year was the week before school started every September. Not because I went shopping for new clothes – a plaid skirt and white blouse were the extent of my “uniform”. I equated back-to-school with school supplies. A new binder with a plastic zip-lock envelope packed full of […]

Tame Those Tresses: Best Eco Friendly Shampoo, Conditioner, and Hair Care

Just as we can’t judge a book by its cover, we shouldn’t choose a shampoo simply for its smell. It may smell terrific, but is it filled with chemicals and artificial fragrances that will weigh down your wavy mane? Or maybe it boasts “fragrance-free” but lists unpronounceable ingredients that are sure to damage your ‘do. […]

How to Win the Battle of the Junk Drawer

Everyone has one; it doesn’t matter where you live or how organized you are or which candidate you vote for. The junk drawer does not discriminate. And unless you’re a Zen monk, the idea of emptying and sorting said drawer sends you running for cover. Yes, I’m fairly certain most of us have done battle […]

Looking for the Best Green Sex Toys? You’ve Hit the Spot!

Once upon a time, sex was a word whispered rather than the topic of college courses and front page news. I’m comfortable with it, as you could surmise from my passionate case for saving the planet by having more sex. We could discuss the pros and cons of the sexing of our culture, ad infinitum. […]

It’s My Party and I’ll Pingg if I Want to!

Who could have imagined a time when sending your wedding invitation via email would not only be acceptable but encouraged? Certainly your grandmother wouldn’t allow it, and most likely your mother would throw up her hands in protest. Not if she took a look at pingg, the stylish, personalized, ad free, totally comprehensive online invitation […]

PATYKA: Organic Self-Care in a Bottle

When it comes to treating myself well, let’s just say it’s taken time, but I now consider myself an expert in the art of self-care. My focus covers the insides and outsides; spirit and body; brain and brawn. I take time to read, practice yoga, run, laugh, love, take naps, get manicures, share with friends, […]

Environmentally Friendly Sunscreen Review: SmartShield

I spent most of my youth outdoors, either running around the neighborhood with friends or on the tennis court or playing after school sports. Needless to say, the harsh southern California sun had its way with my skin. Terms like SPF or UV weren’t on the tips of everyone’s tongues just yet. We preferred Baby […]

We Gotta Fight, for the Right, to Paaa” Hang Our Laundry?

I thought it was god-given or at least somewhere in the First Amendment, but it seems that the right to use a clothesline might soon be stripped away. Yes, you heard me. Your eco-friendly clothesline (the one you just ordered this weekend!) is in jeopardy. Your laundry is literally on the line. Has a neighbor […]

Throw an Eco-Party Without Planning

It’s not surprising that the green movement has found its way into the world of event planning – from weddings to product launches to graduation celebrations. Parties are fun, and trust me, I’m definitely in favor of fun. But most parties will create more waste and use more energy in one night than a family […]

More Sex, Ladies: the Planet Is Counting on You!

I, Kim Derby, would really like you to get busy. Why? Because sex, my friends, is good for the planet. Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell your…well, if you’re doing this properly, you probably won’t need to tell them. I know all of you smart, sophisticated eco-vixens have it in you. Here’s why going […]

Of Sea Pearls and Diva Cups: an Honest Review of Eco Feminine Hygiene Products

The curse, Aunt Flo, crimson wave, the rag, that time of the month – sound vaguely familiar? For centuries women have been shushed and shamed and told it was inappropriate to discuss – but if you ask me our ability to create a life is amazing. So here at EcoSalon, let’s just use the word […]

For the Guys: 10 Things to Avoid if You Want to Date a Green Goddess

Poor thing, he’ll be out there all night. Let’s just say I’ve dated a lot. I have dozens of horrible yet hilarious dating tales, but I continue to pick myself up, dust off the disappointment and carry on – hey, the good outweighs the bad and there’s always the chance for love. However, I have […]

An Easy Green Dry Cleaning Trick

Next time you drop off clothes at the local dry cleaners (an environmentally friendly one, I hope), bring a garment bag along and ask them to hold the plastic and paper. I started doing this about six months ago when my dry cleaner began providing simple, black garment bags for purchase. I spent the $5 […]

Hybrids for Hire

You separate aluminum, glass and plastic. You bring your own bags to the market and you use non-toxic cleaning products in your home. Recycling has become as much a part of your life as checking your email and going to the gym. Maybe there isn’t a hybrid parked in your garage, but you’re all about […]

Get Your Car Squeaky Green

Unfortunately, my hometown of Los Angeles is best known for Hollywood, Malibu, Beverly Hills and traffic. Most of us own cars out of necessity, because it’s virtually impossible to get around without one. As a result, there’s a car wash on almost every corner and you dare not drive if your car isn’t glossy. Just […]

A Go-Green Gift Kit for Your *Almost* Eco-Friendly Friend

Do you know someone who hasn’t quite gone green? Maybe they’ve bought organic food once, or recycled soda cans or plastic bottles on a few occasions. But what they really need is a good, swift”¦kit. Get them started now with these green essentials: This eco-chic canvas tote is stunning and just the right size for […]

You’ve Got Your Home’s Eco Score…Now What?

Your life is green and you do your best to make it an eco-friendly day, every day. So take your eco-friendly intentions to Low Impact Living and try their just-launched Environmental Impact Calculator to find helpful ways to green up your home. This innovative tool provides personalized information to help you lighten your casa’s carbon […]

A Static Cling Solution

I revealed to you my unusual love of laundry in Stay on the Line, and my musings on our general obsession with whitening. Would you believe I’m back to talk more about laundry? I’ll get right to the point, lest I start waxing poetic about things like organic towels and green machines. We’ve all been […]

The Proper Way to Wash a Pillow

You do wash your pillow, don’t you? We spend almost 1/3 of our lives sleeping. That’s 262,974 hours eyes shut, horizontal and hopefully in a REM-like state of restfulness. That’s a lot of time spent with our heads nuzzling the same old pillow. Pillows are one of the most overlooked and neglected of household items, […]

Not Just Another Green Day

Do you remember your first Earth Day? Mine was in Washington, D.C. and the year was 1990. I can still feel the energy in the air as my friends and I weaved our way through the crowded Mall toward the Capitol. The excitement was contagious and we were so eager to help spread the message. […]

Stay on the Line

Call me wacky (sometimes) or old-fashioned (a little) or someone with too much time on her hands (I wish!), but I like doing my own laundry. There’s something satisfying about separating darks from whites and folding everything just the way I like it. A big part of my laundering “formula” involves avoiding the dryer. I […]

Don’t Throw the Bamboo out with the Bathwater

You remember it: the commercial of the frazzled woman with hands flailing in the air and a helpless look on her face because her husband and job and kids and pets all need her at the same time. She cries, “Calgon, take me away!” and is instantly transported to a bubbly bathtub where she can […]

The Eco-Friendly Bottled Water (Toy)

I’m not a parent (yet), but I am an incredibly proud aunt to Jack (almost 3) and Rose (15 months). I had no idea how much love I was capable of until they burst into my life and stole my heart. I would do almost anything in order to keep them safe, happy and healthy. […]

A Routine Moment Finds Flavor

A Sunday morning in Malibu spent window-shopping and sipping coffee with a girlfriend is my idea of heaven. Whether it’s the latest designer denim or celebrity eye candy, we always have fun checking out the flavor of the week. It was only a matter of time before toothpaste got its turn. No, I’m not talking […]