Undecorate, Naturally: Part Three

Un-styling your space by just being yourself, continuously.

I’m certain we covered close to everything there is to know about the art of undecorating in parts one and two, and it’s almost time to call it a wrap. You know the rules because there aren’t any, other than trusting your instincts.

And if your instincts tell you to hire a professional designer, then by all means, do it. But why not give undecorating a try?

The concept of undecorate just takes styling your home to a simpler level, without the pressure of perfection. It loosens you up a bit, asks you to sit back, relax and be yourself (which can be very refreshing).

Undecorate is here because our lives have called for it.

Now you just keep going.

I suggest you continue living, working, raising your children, dating, recycling, eating organic. Whatever you do, keep doing it, continuously. And enjoy your space. Look around you every day, notice what you chose, and be inspired.

Observe your life as it evolves and challenge yourself in all that you do. Don’t become complacent. Notice when things don’t matter to you anymore and as things change, allow your space to change as well.

Recycle, get rid of stuff, give it away. Keep undecorating continuously. Then be grateful that you have the ability to break rules.

Images: nice*room, Avotakka, Sanctuary, interiors porn

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